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CRM helping your sales team

Manage and control all your client's
info in only one place.

Normally, CRM systems are very complex, which can demotivate your team to keep it updated. Thinking about that, we've developed an easy and quick CRM system.

CRM is divided in two areas:
Marketing and Sales


This area is also divided in three sections: Leads, Media and Reports.

Here, the marketing manager can visualize all leads being captured by the company, classifying them as: hot, warm or cold. This is useful to understand which type of media brings the most qualified leads.

This is the place where the marketing manager will register all types of media done by the company, offline (radio, TV, newspaper, etc) and online (banners, adwords, etc). With this, everything that enters from these channels will go to the leads section. That's right, we can track every source of media, even offline media.

The reports show which type of media brings more leads and which one has a better return per client, filtered by periods.

CRM also allows online reports on SEO (organic optimization), SMM (social media marketing), PPC (payed ads in search engines) and Scorecard (chart of investments and costs per midia).

Without a doubt, this is the tool every marketing manager needs to make decisions and know where to invest, making right decisions and bringing more leads with a smaller cost per lead.


This area is divided in six sections: New Leads, Schedule, Lost Clients, Closed Deals, Reports and Management.

New Leads
Area where the seller can see all the new leads. With only one click, its possible to open all the client's info, and also add more information, like a product the person is interested in and the price of the purchase in negotiation. The seller needs to fill in how the contact was made (phone, sms, email) and the date of the follow up.

When the seller starts the day, it's possible to check in this area all the necessary and scheduled follow up contact with customers. Every seller can register at any time a new entry, like a new appointment or data update. There are three statuses for sales: Negotiation in Course, Lost or Closed Deal. During a negotiation, the system requires you to put a follow up date, until it changes status, to closed deal or lost.

Lost Clients
Every lost client is moved to this area until there is a new opportunity or a new solicitation.

Closed Deals
Are for clients that successfully made a purchase are in this status. They stay registered here, so that the case can be checked at any time, including when there is an ongoing new negotiation with the same client.

The sellers can check their performance here: sales forecast for the next month, rate of closings, compared to the whole team, ongoing negotiation volume, etc.

The managers here have direct access to client's information and seller's performance, schedule, sales volume, all in one place.