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A sponsored link management agency

To invest in sponsored links is to be sure to reach your customers the moment they search for
your product or your services.

There are 3 ways to reach your customer using sponsored links

  • 1

    Your clients access a web search engine, like Google and types a keyword related to your product/service. Instantly, we reach them with your text ad.

  • 2

    When reading something related to your products/services in a website, your prospects see a banner of your company.

  • 3

    Your clients went to your website, searching for information, and after they left, you reach them again with banners while they are surfing in other websites.

PPC = Pay Per Click

You only pay when your client clicks in your ad.

The greatest advantage of sponsored links is that you only pay for the media ad when your prospect clicks in it. So actually, you are paying for a person that is interested in your product, because he or she already clicked in your ad.

The biggest challenge of it is finding the right strategy to reach your customer with the lowest cost per lead and cost per acquisition possible. That is a hard task that requires professionals with experience in choosing the right words and that have auction expertise, in a way to maximize your budget's reach, touching your customers in an effective way when they search for what you offer.

Do you know what is your Return On Investment (ROI)?
Do you know how much you pay for a Lead?

Reweb has a team of sponsored links analysts prepared to reach the highest number of clients with the lowest cost possible, maximizing your budget's reach and closing more deals for your company.

You have found the right company. Make an appointment to understand our strategies better.

crm reweb

Manage and control your clients' info in only one place.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has always been a problem between sales team and IT team, but that is over. We created a tool that helps sales people to increase deal-closing rate and also informs the management team the company's performance.

This tool was built with the help of 14 years of experience accumulated by our company.