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Increase your lead conversion in over 30% with our SMS system.

How many times have you seen an interesting outdoor ad but there was no one around you to give you information about it? Property or car to sell that has no price? How can I pay? Who is selling? How can I contact the seller?

Based on those situations, we've developed a tool to solve all problems. Your client sees your ad, sends a text message with the product code contained in the ad, and gets all the info about it, like price, speed, rotations, size...

Your prospects get the information, and you learn what
they are interested in.

The moment they send you a text message, they automatically generate a lead, registered in your CRM system, sending your sales team an email with their info, the product they are interested in, and what marketing campaign was the source of that contact. Is it interesting or not?

This is a very functional system, for you and your clients. They get all the information they want, and your sales team gets their contact information. After that, you just have to close the deal.

crm reweb

Manage and control your clients' info in only one place.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has always been a problem between sales team and IT team, but that is over. We created a tool that helps sales people to increase deal-closing rate and also informs the management team the company's performance.

This tool was built with the help of 14 years of experience accumulated by our company.