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Click to call service

Connect your seller and your prospect!

90% of companies don't have a good customer service system. The wait is too long, and often the client gets tired and hangs up.

When this tool is installed in your website, the client fills in the form with his / her phone number, and when that happens, immediately all members of the sales team get a phone call. The first person to answer hears a message saying that the client is being connected.

After that, the system calls the client that talks directly with the seller, so no wait is necessary.

Our system identifies who was the seller that contacted that customer, and makes a register about the call, so that the seller can access that later, if needed.

The system also includes the media source of the client's contact, so that before the service, the sales person already knows this info.

No doubt, this unique tool makes customer service faster and better, making, in consequence, easier to close a deal.

Call Tracker

Learn exactly which media sources made more clients contact your company.

Know the results on of all your media investments. Control traditional and digital media.

Know where your money is going. Learn in detail which type of media ad brings you more customers and the exact cost of that. This tool will change your opinion about marketing investments.