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Marketing campaigns management through Waze.

We put your business in the best routes.

Everyday people use GPS systems, like Waze, a Google GPS, to scape traffic in big cities all over the world. With that we realized an opportunity to post about your company for people that are nearby it.

With the growing use of smartphones, especially while stuck in traffic, Waze shows some news, including your product, to people who are close to your company. That way, if they are interested, they can contact you immediately.

No doubt that's is a very innovative idea, that will grow a lot in the next years, especially having Google supporting it. The time to use this tool is now, while the price is still low.

Call Tracker

Learn exactly which media sources made more clients contact your company.

Know the results on of all your media investments. Control traditional and digital media.

Know where your money is going. Learn in detail which type of media ad brings you more customers and the exact cost of that. This tool will change your opinion about marketing investments.