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Get to know some successful cases with lead conversion for local businesses
in the main verticals that we work with.


Besouro Ford

Besouro Ford

When we started working with this company, its online presence was weak, they didn't conversion many leads, and the focus of its investments was in newspaper and radio advertising.
We developed a new website centered in generating new leads, made Google Adwords campaigns focused on landing pages, and started administrating its social media network. As a result, the client went to more than 300 leads per month and increased its sales significantly.

Besouro Ford also decreased its investments in traditional media due to the success of online marketing, reducing a significant amount in expenses. Besouro Autotech Group was our first client in the automotive vertical in Brazil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro, where we now have more than 25% of the market share in digital marketing services.


Real Estate

Imobiliária Ducati

Imobiliária Ducati

We began our work with this company by developing sponsored links, focused on generating leads. In a short period, the number of leads increased significantly and we went to the next step: developing a new website.

We launched the website, refined even more our lead-conversion strategies and the number of prospects kept on growing. Today, the agency's investments in traditional media decreased drastically and were redirected to online advertising, which continues to bring better results.



FG Ferramentas Gerais

FG Ferramentas Gerais

We developed the new virtual store for this company and also other strategies regarding digital marketing, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and sponsored links (PPC - Pay Per Click), generating a 400% increase in visits to the site, and 800% increase in online sales in the last two years.

After those actions, FG became the biggest company in online sales of manual tools in all Brazil.



Cia das Prateleiras

This company developed its own website due to the complexity of its products and specifications, which the clients have to know the product better before closing the deal. Due to it, our focus is to generate leads who are interested in the products and the sales team can make contact.

So, our focus has always been to generate more qualified leads who are interested in their products, combined with a powerful strategy of sponsored links, so the sales team can make contact and close the deals. As of today, Cia das Prateleiras converts more than 200 leads a month with a small investment in Google AdWords.




Before Reweb, Giulian’s digital marketing strategy was focused on branding and prospect registering, investing a lot in phone contact with prospects. When we started to work with them, the company realized that the online market would be the best environment to capture leads.

With that, our work became focused on lead conversion, using tools such as media tracker (leadphone), to track the source of all contact made by customers. This tool showed us that the main source was the internet, making digital marketing more profitable than any other investment for this company. After that, adjustments were done in a way that made Giulian more approachable for customers and more present in its client’s areas.